Travel Security

With offices in Australia and the Philippines and experience in providing risk management advice whilst travelling in Australia, developing countries and in hostile regions, Obsidian provide security advice such as country and safety security briefings.

Security Risk Assessment

From the protection of high net worth individuals, security advice for premises, offices, homes and visiting locations, specific briefings and individual security assessments for individuals and their families, selective vetting of staff, internal and sensitive investigation of any concerns for individuals or family, provision of security advice, audit and physical security solutions.

Business Resilience

We specialise in dealing in crisis management, emergency response, crisis and emergency management plans, event contingency plans and business continuity planning. We specialise in providing value-added services designed to allow you to focus on your business and minimise the burden of keeping up with security compliance and regulations.


Our experienced trainers and experts are able to provide reality based training in crisis response scenarios, crisis management training and coaching, table top contingency planning activities, in-country security briefings, personal security and awareness training.

Protective Services

Our protective services professionals are experts in creating a safe world for our clients to conduct business. We partner with protection professionals to find the best solution to protect you, your family, employees and your business.


With staff travelling internationally and into remote or potentially hostile regions, Obsidian Risk Group provide a range of products and services such as GPS locating services for global monitoring incorporating emergency assistance packages.

Having a robust protective security environment is an important element in the management of an organisation’s human, information and physical resource infrastructure. Obsidian Risk Group (ORG) will support you to make informed decisions and prepare appropriate responses to support risk management within your organisation.

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